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Water – ZEH2M Services

LEH2M’s knowledge base and expertise is particularly in

  • Law and IP;
  • The growth and future development of the Low emission economy (especially hydrogen);
  • How to develop markets (especially with fleet managers, fleet financing, and local authorities);
  • Low emission vehicles and manufacturing;
  • Advancing SMEs with a commitment to sustainability and low emissions into developing their ideas, funding, investment and commercialisation with the aim of optimising the reach and value of a company.
  • Grant funding applications including to Innovate UK and APC
  • Sources of investment and how to approach and prepare for investment
  • Lobbying and influencing governmental and private low emission and Hydrogen agencies and companies
  • Administrative and legal organisation of small businesses
  • Publicity, PR and Media
  • Advising on where expertise can be found and negotiating terms

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Malayalam