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October 4, 2021

LEH2M is a consultancy run by Chandra Sekar, aimed at advancing the Low Emission and/or Hydrogen economy by bringing together companies and people who may have synergies but are unaware of each other, and creating projects.

Chandra Sekar has extensive experience and contacts in the world of FCEVs and the Hydrogen Economy through his work with Microcab Industries Ltd (and Coventry University), the leading manufacturers of light FCEVs in Europe, and of leanweight FCEVs in the world.  This is supplemented by contacts and experience in the associated infrastructure of hydrogen and renewables, the legal and business worlds, and local, regional and national governments.  Though most contacts are in the UK,  there are also extensive contacts in Europe and the world, including the USA and China. 

As well as his background in law, Chandra also has worked in publicity and promotion, including co-founding Artists Against Apartheid in the mid-1980s (who put on the two televised Mandela concerts at Wembley Stadium among their many projects).

LEH2M’s knowledge base and expertise is particularly in:

·         law and IP;

·         the growth and future development of the Low emission economy (especially hydrogen);

·         how to develop markets (especially with fleet managers, fleet financing, and local authorities);

·         Low emission vehicles and manufacturing;

·         Advancing SMEs with a commitment to sustainability and low emissions into developing their ideas, funding, investment and commercialisation with the aim of optimising the reach and value of a company.

·         Grant funding applications including to Innovate UK and APC

·         Sources of investment and how to approach and prepare for investment

·         Lobbying and influencing governmental and private low emission and Hydrogen agencies and companies

·         Administrative and legal organisation of small businesses

·         Publicity, PR and Media

·         Advising on where expertise can be found and negotiating terms